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US Top 3 Wedding Photographers

If an ordinary wedding photo is compared to a shot from a pro, its quality is really pale. A wedding photo from a well seasoned pro is really showcasing aesthetic beauty which is incomparable. What better way to capture wedding memory with passion, love and artistry is to get a pro.

The journey of creative wedding photography has come a long way and with the help of modern technology, taking powerful and meaningful photos is becoming convenient. Editing and manipulating raw photos are becoming easier to achieve the desired feel and element.

Wedding Photographer

If you are looking to have a photo session with the top 3 wedding photographers experts around the US, we have created the list for you. Your big day is a special event so you need to make sure that those memories will be captured creatively in your wedding album.

Morgan Lynn Razi

When she was 15 years old, she was already covering for various weddings. At that time, she was a student from University of Colorado majoring in business and  fine-art photography. Although she started shaky with her wedding photography, she ended up loving it as she has learned to combine her artistry towards technical approach.  According to her, she is able to capture great photos because she was inspired by the great love stories of different couples she’s covering.

At the time she met photography, it was also the same time she came across her husband up to now. Today, they were offering their photographer service to the rest of Houston. They cover different events especially weddings. Together, they were able to achieve great things in photography. They were recipients of international photography awards.

If you want to experience their kind of passionate photography, you can contact them at (720) 938 8818.

Matt Miller

From being a rock band member, Matt was able to find his way into wedding photography accidentally. After deciding to stop playing for a punk-rock band, he found himself covering photography for concert events. One of his friends encouraged him to do wedding events as well until he finally loved it. He said that the more wedding he covers, the more he was falling in love.

Being in a band, he was able to meet different people from all over the world but he did not know that covering wedding events could give him more. Wedding photography for him becomes a personal thing as he fused it with his passion. If you want an alternative inspired shoot, you can always tap him.

His aesthetic style is rich in playing with the lighting which is very reminiscent with his concert days wherein the studio is illuminated by the proper light to add drama and story into the photo. To experience photography in Matt Miller way, call him at (323) 379 9324.

Ryan Brenizer

The last in our list of top 3 wedding photographers experts around the US is Ryan Brenize. When it comes to aesthetics, he is one of the masters because he was able to coin his own term called Brenizer method which became famous among other photographers. The method that he coined is giving value to panoramic portraits with shallow depth of fields.

He is also known for making use of techniques such as light painting, freelancing and composite lighting. Most of his photos have stories as reminiscent to his background in Journalism. His goal in his photography is to bring out the story of every person he works with.

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